Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tacopina Says "God Like" PED Users Are In Boston

In case you missed it and have been living under two rocks in the past week or so Alex Rodriguez was suspended for 162 games and essentially lost his appeal with Frederic Horowitz and Major League Baseball. Now he is taking it to court suing both the MLB and the MLB Players Association trying to get the ruling overturned or reduced. While he is waiting for that to play out we may have the makings of another Jose Canseco on our hands...

Alex's lawyer Joe Tacopina was on Colin Cowherd's ESPN show today and foreshadowed a possible outing of other PED users. Tacopina subtly suggested that some of the current PED users are "god like" players playing in Boston. Immediately David Ortiz comes to mind as well as Dustin Pedroia, more likely the former than the latter obviously, with a few other possibilities. This is about to get really REALLY fun I have a feeling.

Here is the quote from Tacopina:

Joe Tacopina told @ESPN_Colin he did not want to name other players accused of PED use, “but some of them are God-like in Boston right now.”


  1. This is exactly why I can't support Arod. When he came out and gave his "heartfelt" confession about his Texas days, I forgave. I even defended. Now, him and his camp is nothing better than a Canseco. I'm not disagreeing with the accusation of Boston players. They've certainly resurrected the careers of a lot of veterans. But Arods slightly above average production is not worth the circus it would come with.

    1. It is about time someone said something that all the Yankees fans are thinking though. Why does Ortiz keep getting pass after pass when A Rod is suspended 125 games for jaywalking?

    2. After his apology regarding using while a Ranger, I was very close to buying a #13 jersey. I'm glad I held off, because I would not wear that jersey any longer.

  2. I've been wondering that for years. I also don't think it stops with Ortiz. How do they continually take a band of misfits and turn them into World Series winners? Players like Johnny Gomes, Victorino, Salty were in danger of becoming role players for the rest of their careers.

  3. Has anyone thought of the players that have been using the concoction from Florida? What are they going to do when they can't use that stuff anymore? Do as some of the pitchers did when they lowered the pitching mound...retirer?
    Their are a few more out there that are unknown because Bud was only interested in one player, so what about them? Are they going to go from 35-45 HRs to 20-25 now or the pitcher go from 97mph down to 90?


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