Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Papi Goes the Weasel

Seems like just yesterday when David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez were sharing a drink and a cigar on the golf course at Ortiz's charity golf touney. Through all of the allegations and scandal that ARod was dealing with, all was well in the cozy seat of a golf cart in the sun drenched beauty of the Dominican Republic.All was right with the world.....ahhhhhhh.

Well, A funny thing happened today on ESPN radio. The ever so boisterous talk show host Colin Cowherd had a chat with Joe Tacopina and within a blink of an eye, buried one of ARods few remaining friends in baseball. That bridge was burned when this comment was made by Tacopina...

“No one else was compelled to say anything and no one else did say anything,” Tacopina said about the time period when a Selena Roberts book was released detailing Rodriguez’s alleged PED use and the Times story broke. “People were denying stuff. And I’m not gonna start naming all the other players, but some of them are God-like in Boston right now, and people seem to forget that … Alex came clean and admitted something when he didn’t have to.” 

Let's get real, no one is really surprised by this comment. Ortiz has dealt with allegations of steroid use for years now and for good reason, as Cowherd stated...

When it’s too good to be true, it is … Here was a guy in May of 2009, batting .222 with a slugging percentage of .300, no injuries and he couldn’t hit … He’s significantly better today than several years ago. Interesting story. The story of David Ortiz hitting .733 is about as believable as Big Foot.” 

Although, with it coming from the mouth of Tacopina, this will certainly have an immediate backlash. Let it be known though, it certainly won't be coming from Yankee fans! 

The steroid accusation is so freely used by Sox fans (2nd only to "buying our team") as the reason for the Yankee's championship success. Even after Manny Ramirez and his suspensions for anything from steroids to his...female fertility pills..heh, heh...Manny being Mary? Anyway, it still seems that it just disappears within the gates of Red Sox nation. 

I figure, if ARod is going to keep shooting off cannons while the ship sinks, why not aim it at the Red Sox?


  1. DAVID ORTIZ.....Teflon ? Or a prince, in a liberal bastion ? The answer...both.

    He used/ is using...he came out and stated that.
    The Boston dumb ass Irish, who scream at Alex, from their close up seats....turn a blind eye towards Ortiz.
    They don't care. Ortiz,... Obama ?...What the hell. They're our guys.

    Alex did wrong. Ortiz is no better.
    Colin Cowherd ?...I find him offensive, and ignorant. His ratings on ESPN, are last in NYC.

  2. Ortiz used juice, just look at his head size when he was with the Twinkees who buy the way released him because he sucked. He couldn't hit 20 hr out the metro dome and now he is a stud. He was on that 104 list that was leaked by I believe the NY Times and by the way for those conspiracy theorists Mr. Mitchell who was hired to do the report happened to be a minority owner of the Roid Sux so you tell me how come Ortiz skated scotch clean?


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)