Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Despite "Victory" over A-Rod, Bud Selig's Hands are Still Dirty With PEDs

This is what separates reality from the movies: Sometimes there are no good guys; everyone is the bad guy. That is evident in the saga of Alex Rodriguez and Major League Baseball. The BioGenesis War took a step towards conclusion, as the arbitrator held up Rodriguez’s suspension throughout the entire 2014 season on Saturday. The ban could very well end A-Rod’s career.

For some reason, the mainstream media is labeling the decision as a “victory for baseball, and a victory for commissioner Bud Selig”. This idea that Major League Baseball is somehow heroic in defeating Rodriguez is very misguided. If anything, baseball comes off even worse than A-Rod now.

On Sunday, 60 Minutes did a piece on the entire case, interviewing BioGenesis founder Anthony Bosch, Rodriguez’s lawyer Joe Tacopina, MLB COO Rob Manfred, and briefly Bud Selig. Bosch claims he injected A-Rod with several illegal substances, but also injected him with substances that helped Rodriguez pass several league mandated drug tests.

Rodriguez’s lawyers have claimed that MLB bought off stolen evidence with cash, which is a crime in the state of Florida. They threatened lawsuits against Bosch and everyone else. In fact, Bosch is now on baseball’s payroll, despite the fact he sold drugs to its own players.

How are Selig and MLB allowed to get away with this? They are not the FBI. The government should not allow them to deal with criminals just to pursue vigilante justice. Witch hunt or no, it is completely unethical the way they have dealt with the situation and I am shocked that absolutely nobody is questioning MLB’s tactics (well, other than Mike Francesa). Instead, like the article I linked above, they’re doing total P.R. spins for the commissioner.

Why didn’t Selig testify in the Rodriguez hearing? He lead the entire investigation with Manfred. The arbitrator should have forced him to make an appearance. Rodriguez is in the wrong, but he had all the odds stacked against him and the house is corrupt.

But do you know why baseball did all this? To save face, of course. Only explanation. With Selig retiring after the 2014 season, he’s even considering doing a farewell tour around a’ la Mariano Rivera. He’s going to walk away with the appearance of a hero, when he just got away with total corruption.

But the fact is this: Selig has done more to catalyze the spread of performance enhancement drugs throughout baseball.

The game was saved by Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire’s juiced home run race three years after the end of the strike, but they ignored and blackballed the reporter who found andro in Mark McGwire’s locker. They profited from Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds breaking records in what should have been their career twilights. The players union ignored the warnings of Rick Helling of the steroid culture.

Selig never did a thing about steroids until he was finally pressed by Congress to take action. That wonderful drug testing system that was claimed to be the toughest out of any sports league in North America is apparently a total joke, if Bosch’s claims are true. They are likely even more players still juicing, and that’s been clear as day right when this scandal first broke.

You know what? Baseball had it out for Alex Rodriguez, even if he is a liar and a fraud. They made an example out of him to save face. Now they’re doing their victory laps with the 60 Minutes appearance and soon with Selig’s inevitable farewall.

Selig celebrated Sosa and McGwire and Bonds, but is now damning Alex Rodriguez just two and a half months after hugging fellow cheat and World Series MVP David Ortiz.

 In a league of phonies and liars, Bud Selig is baseball’s biggest fraud.


  1. Bud Selig....he should go away also.
    It takes a certain kind of person to be a success, as a used car salesman.
    That's Mr. Selig's foundation. That's who he is. You are, who you are.
    How do they find these people ?

  2. JACOBY ELLSBURY...." if I get my jump, no one can throw me out." That is his mind set.
    The ' cautious ' Brett Gardner, would be wise, to try and learn from Ellsbury.

  3. I am a big fan, of Grant Balfour. A tough bastard, who could care less.
    In his mind, he is in charge of the ninth inning. Hitters do not count.
    This is the guy, who should be in front of, or set up, David Robertson.
    A seasoned bastard like Balfour, can only help Robertson

  4. A PLOY ?...." Tanaka's wife prefers the west coast?"...She may be right. With the new NYC
    liberal mayor, the gangstas will be soon ruling the streets again. Unless, their pants fall down.

    If this is a ploy...she should be doomed to watching 'Godzilla', and 'Rodan the flying Monster' reruns

  5. HOMER BAILY...if in eleven days, Mr. Tanaka, and his wife, prefer the west coast....along
    with the crips and the bloods....and O. J.....then the Yankees should do everything possible
    to try and obtain Baily.
    ( talk about a run on sentence ! )

    1. Agreed but I don't think the Reds end up trading him in the end.


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