Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Five Yankees File For Salary Arbitration

Five members of the New York Yankees have filed for salary arbitration as the arbitration process begins today including Ivan Nova, Brett Gardner, David Robertson, Shawn Kelley, and Francisco Cervelli. Gardner and Robertson are in their last years of arbitration and expect big time raises, specifically Gardner who may see a doubled salary or more in 2014. Nova and Cervelli are in their first years of arbitration and are only expected to get marginal raises at or around the $1 million - $2 million range in my opinion. Kelley on the other hand is a Super Two and in his third year of arbitration, with 2015 being his final season before becoming a free agent.

MLB Trade Rumors are usually the closest of anyone to predict arbitration numbers so we will look at their predictions from back in November:

Gardner - $4 million
Robertson - $5.5 million
Nova - $2.8 million
Cervelli - $1 million
Kelley - $1.5 million

Very rarely do you see the Yankees ever go to court with their players, save the A Rod jokes, so I do not expect any of their players to see an arbitrator. The Yankees will very likely reach an agreement with their players before the deadline in my opinion.

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