Friday, January 10, 2014

Yankees Monitoring Johan Santana's Rehab Progress

According to Andy McCullough the New York Yankees are one of many teams monitoring the rehab progress of southpaw Johan Santana. Santana is recovering from a second torn shoulder capsule, the first usually being a death sentence for pitchers, and has yet to throw off of a mound yet. This news is coming off the news that Brian Cashman is willing and probable to replicate the 2011 offseason in which he dumpster dove for starting pitching and ended up signing Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon. If the Yankees don't win the Masahiro Tanaka lottery we may see a few Johan Santana type signings in the Yankees future.


  1. Sign him! He's still got potential

    1. Jack...
      You think he has something to add to a team yet?
      I have no idea at all, it is a long shot after two shoulder injuries.
      It would be a great story if he can come back!

    2. I think he does. It's called mentoring Manny Banuelos, Nik Turley, etc. This would be a future signing, not a 2014 signing.

    3. You think it will be one of those, "come to spring training and let's see what you have deals"?
      Maybe sign him and let him work at the Tampa complex while he gets everything back to "The New Normal" for him?


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