Monday, February 3, 2014

The Yankee Stadium Experience: Taking the Subway

PART X: Taking the Subway to Yankee Stadium

If anyone has ever actually been to The Bronx, you know that parking can and will be a nightmare.  Well that is unless you are willing to shell out the $30 (or whatever they will be charging this season) to park in the Stadium lots.  I have never been a fan of driving to the Stadium myself...although my father prefers it for some reason...I guess he gets an adrenaline rush from having New Yorkers scream at him, tailgate within 6" of his back bumper, and honk incessantly.  On a side note, did you know that it is illegal to honk in certain parts of New York?  It is also illegal to purchase soda over a certain size, but I digress...

There are two locations that you can actually park around Yankee Stadium without having to pay an arm and a location is around the Bronx Police Station, but this is only allowed on Sundays...the other is along Grand Concourse where there are parking spaces along the length of the park...but both require you to be there approximately 2 hours ahead of game time.

To alleviate all of this nonsense, my suggestion is to take the good old Subway.  This isn't the New York Subway of your parents, you know...the one that is dark, dingy, and probably unsafe to travel without a personal bodyguard.  Sure there are some parts that are still a little scary and more than a little smelly, but the 1980s are gone (thank the Good Lord the 1980s Yankee teams are gone!) and the Subway is a relatively safe and easy mode of transit to get to the game at New Yankee Stadium.

In order to get to the game you need only to follow the instructions provided by The New York Yankees themselves:

The #4 train will bring you to the Bronx from Brooklyn and the East Side of Manhattan.  The B train also originates in Brooklyn, but will take you up the West Side of Manhattan via 42nd Street and Central Park before heading into the Bronx.  The D train is basically just the supped up version of the B train with less stops.  You can still get to the Bronx from Queens, but you'll have to catch a connector to the B, D, or 4 trains.  The trip will cost you $2.50 one-way, but if you are heading into town for a weekend series, I suggest you purchase the 7-day unlimited pass for $30...that way you can roam around the city without the hassle of purchasing a single-fare ticket every time you head into the subway...3 trips to the Stadium = $15 by itself.

During game days, there are Express trains from Manhattan that will take you directly to the Bronx with limited stops.  What can be better than hopping on a train filled with mutual Yankees fans heading out to the old ball game.  I can tell you one thing better...heading back to Manhattan or one of the other burroughs filled with Yankees fans cheering Mets and/or Red Sox Suck!...that's what!  The best had to be during the 2000 World Series during the SUBWAY SERIES...

In the last few years (I can't recall when it was finalized), a new plaza was built for the stop at Yankee Stadium and it is rather pleasant architecturally.  The subway just fits with the Stadium, because like the Yankees, the Subway is just what New Yorkers are used to...and both are pretty great in my opinion.  The Subway is so great that the Yankees pay homage to it every night with the Great Subway Race that pits the B, the D, and the 4 train against each other in a winner-takes-all race on the Jumbo-tron.  Okay it's not that serious, but it is nonetheless a fixture within the Stadium.

So ladies and gents...head on out to the Stadium, but do it the smart way...TAKE THE SUBWAY!

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