Sunday, February 16, 2014

Yankees Sign Anna & Nuno To Major League Deals

The New York Yankees have announced the signings of both Dean Anna and Vidal Nuno to Major League contracts for the 2014 season. Anna will make the $500,000 league minimum and Nuno will earn slightly above that with $540,500. Both players have all six years left of team control and will not be eligible for free agency until after the 2019 season. This doesn't mean much in the short term but it makes it much more likely for these two to make the Major Leagues this season, possibly out of Spring Training.


  1. This is awesome. I loved Nuno last year, so hearing that he'll be in the majors this year brings a smile to my face

  2. DEAN arrival to the 40 man rooster.
    For those that want to see his wed site, along with videos......bring up " Dean of Swing ".
    I e-mailed Anna, through his , to welcome him, and to stop by Greedy Pinstripes when he has the chance.
    Perhaps chat with Rocket Reed ?.......Forget about it, he might leave, and sign with the Mets !

    I love this acquisition of Anna. After all the bad luck of last year....this is special !
    ALSO....the pc. by Daniel on Kelly Johnson....learned much. Another + signing !

  3. Don't get to excited guys, it only means they are on the 40 man!
    But, I don't think they would have sighed them to go back into the farm system. I still like "Dean the Dream" until I see his swing over a few weeks not old tape. Show me the swing, and the adaptability one needs to do their job as a Major League Yankee player!

    1. Agreed. Like I said in the article it may not be Opening Day we see these guys but we more than likely will at some point.

    2. Daniel, you are right on with that one!
      Back in 2003, I was commenting on a blog after making the rounds of the farm teams. I saw this guy playing 2nd base and I really liked what saw, I asked one of the scouts about him and the guy was not very impressed with him. He was a free swinger and had no plate discipline. Anyhow, we (my buddies and I) came back two more days and also got to see him again playing elsewhere, a couple of times!
      I commented on the blog about him and got nothing but sarcasm and other not so nice things!
      I said he had the sweetest swing I had seen since Ted Williams etc., this guy came up in 2005 Mr. Cano! Let me make a prediction here, Cano will be moved to 3rd in a few years, his range is already being affected by his weight.
      Longer story long, Until one sees a player in person over a few games span, one never knows the hype from the true talent!

    3. Bet more than a few people felt pretty dumb, no one more than the Texas Rangers though who could have had him AND Soriano in the A Rod deal.

    4. That is true Daniel...
      His stats were not great as a minor leaguer. The eyes are for looking and they didn't look past the stat sheet!
      Too damn bad and too sad! LOL


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