Saturday, March 29, 2014

Masahiro Tanaka Named Yankees Rookie of the Spring

Leave your opinions at the door on whether Masahiro Tanaka should be eligible for any kind of rookie considerations, including the Rookie of the Year Award. Tanaka is eligible, everyone who has come over from Japan before him has been eligible, and anyone in the foreseeable future will be eligible if they come over from Japan, Cuban, China, etc.

With that said the New York Yankees have named Masahiro Tanaka as their rookie of the spring after signing him to a $155 million contract this winter. The James P. Dawson Award is given annually to the top rookie in Yankees camp and Tanaka is the 2014 recipient. Below is a list of the recipient winners since 2001:

2001…Alfonso Soriano 2B
· 2002…Nick Johnson 1B
· 2003…Hideki Matsui OF
· 2004…Bubba Crosby OF
· 2005…Andy Phillips INF
· 2006…Eric Duncan INF
· 2007…Kei Igawa P
· 2008…Shelley Duncan INF/OF
· 2009…Brett Gardner OF
· 2010…Jon Weber OF
· 2011…Manny Banuelos P
· 2012…David Phelps P
· 2013…Vidal Nuno P
· 2014…Masahiro Tanaka P

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  1. I think he should be eligible. He's a rookie in MLB no matter what anybody else wants to say.


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