Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pettitte Teaching Sabathia To Throw A Cutter

The CC Sabathia that could eat two boxes of Captain Crunch in a sitting, and won a ton of games, made his name throwing a slider and a ton of innings. The CC Sabathia that looks like he would eat two heads of lettuce in one sitting is learning how to throw a cutter, and Andy Pettitte is teaching it to him. Sabathia told Newsday that Pettitte was teaching him the pitch after a recent bullpen session with Andy.

“He was showing me a grip with the cutter,” Sabathia told Newsday after a bullpen session with Pettitte. “I used it today and it worked pretty good, so I’m anxious to take it into a game.”

Maybe this is why CC is not as worried about having his fastball velocity, maybe he finally learning how to pitch and not blow everyone away. Or maybe he just wants to add something to his repertoire to stay ahead of the competition like Mariano Rivera did with a changeup and a two seam fastball later in his career. Either way I hope this helps CC get back to the top because the Yankees are on his shoulders.

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