Friday, March 21, 2014

Potential 2014 Milestones For Everyone Else

This week we have looked at potential milestones for the likes of Derek Jeter, Alfonso Soriano, and Carlos Beltran and what could have been for Alex Rodriguez. Today we look at everyone else on the Yankees roster who may have a potential milestone they are creeping up on in 2014, take a look.

Hiroki Kuroda could reach 1,000 career strike outs in his Major League career if he reaches 160 K's in 2014, a number he has surpassed twice and come close to two more times in his six year MLB career.

As much as it pains me to say Ichiro Suzuki will not be reaching 3,000 hits in a Major League stadium, not with the Yankees anyway. He has one more season left on his contract and sits at 2,742 hits in his Major League career. Now reduced to being a part time player it would be possible for Ichiro to not even reach 2,800 hits but we will always have that 4,000 hit celebration to remember him by.

Did you know that there are zero active players in the Top 100 in triples all times, and only three players in the Top 150? It's true. The first Yankee to make the list is Ichiro Suzuki with 83 three baggers, good for 253rd on the All Time list.

Brett Gardner has 39 stolen base speed and if he got those 39 steals in 2014 he would finish with an even 200 for his career.

With Jamie Moyer and Andy Pettitte out of the game the active wins leader among pitchers is Tim Hudson followed by the Yankees CC Sabathia for a tie for 99th and 100th respectively. If Sabathia won 15 games he could jump to a tie for 72nd place. If he won more games then Hudson then he could become the all time winning-est active pitcher in MLB.


  1. I can see everyone except Itchy making the list. Although in Brett's case it may take some teaching from someone like Ells to help him read when to go and no-go!
    Optimistically, I believe it can be done! Realistically it is exactly what the team needs along with Cisco (the last of the Kiddy Korp") making a strong statement this year!

    1. It baffles me why Gardner does not get 40+ steals a season with his speed and OBP. Wonder if he has the green light whenever he wants to go or if the team controls that. I would think as a veteran he has the green light but you never know.

  2. 50 steals for Grady this year...write that down!

    1. Bryan K...
      I like your optimism and hope you got the number right or short!

      Side Note: Did anyone know there wasn't ONE of the experts that had Brett as anything other than a 4th/5th or AAA player. Nobody picked him to make the team at all.

  3. B. KNEPPER...Why don't you put all your one sentence posts into a single paragraph ?
    Most of them make no sense anyway, and you are clogging up the comment line.
    You just put up five posts, to say what ? Get with it.


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