Sunday, March 30, 2014

Yankee Stadium Legacy: #2 Mickey Mantle

The New York Yankees were the class of the Major Leagues in the 1950's appearing in eight World Series. One of the brightest stars on those clubs that decade was Mickey Mantle who stood out on a bunch of absolutely stacked teams. Was Mantle the first ever six tool player? I have heard some call him that. Mantle won back to back MVP awards in the American League in 1956 and 1957 and slammed 280 home runs in the 50's while leading all of Major League Baseball with 994 runs scored.

We are now just two off days from Yankees Opening Day!


  1. SOLARTE & the 40 man roster......The Yankees must make some sort of a move by 3PM today, to
    place Solarte on the 40 man roster.
    Drop a decent prospect ? I would hope not.
    My thinking is trade. I've been waving that flag all winter. There are a hundred different roads to go down, and speculate on. I will not do that. But in the next two hours, I would look for player movement.

    Rocket Reed ? How is it, on the island of Elba ?'re being pink Irish.

    1. Mr. Reed has informed me he would not be coming back to the site. No need to keep bringing it up.

    2. Daniel.....Not good news, regarding Kenneth.
      It was not my intention...' to keep bringing it up.' I know he follows my words, and my remarks
      were placed there for Kenneth.
      If he has stated to you, that patrick is an issue with him......I will move along, so he
      can return, and enjoy your site.

    3. I think we both know who he has issue with and I think we both know it's not you good sir.

  2. MICKEY MANTLE....met him twice, at his restaurant, ' Mantle's '...... in Manhattan. I was at a loss for words.
    He addressed me as follows...." have a seat at the bar, partner."
    Partner....imagine that.

  3. EDUARDO NUNEZ....not for nothin'..but I was never a fan of this guy.
    He was given more opportunities than anyone, and never showed that he was nothing more than
    middle of the road.
    I hope they trade him off soon. I really think that he was the walking jinx...of the 2013 season.
    And, all those fans behind first base ? The ones impaled with baseballs, thrown by Nunez, ask them
    or their caretakers what they think.
    Solarte, and Anna will make Nunez a distant memory.

  4. RELEASING PVT. RYAN ?....some now say, they have no problem releasing Brendan Ryan ?
    How will that sail with the Steinbrenner family ? You just signed him for six million !
    That money should have been used for....Grant Balfour.

  5. 40 MAN ROSTER.....unless I'm wrong, I thought by 3PM today....Solarte had to be added, and
    another removed. I can not find anything.
    When one looks at today's 25 man roster, you would have to say it is so much better than 2013.
    Up, and is stronger, deeper.
    How may did they win last year ?....87 ?..Boston...95 ? I know they can make up those games.

  6. TOMMY...... I can not keep doing this. Your tacked is wrong. Way wrong.
    I ask you, as a former nobody , to retrace your steps. You are too good to self destruct.
    You are too smart to allow this to evolve. But, you are doing it....why?
    I will leave, if this is what, this is all about

    1. That's what he wants, for you both to leave. Why give it to him?

  7. Daniel & Crew.....Right now, over at River Ave, they have a '2014 Yankee' video posted. Only 3-4 minutes......A must watch.
    Not your normal baseball footage. The beginning, and end will tug at your feelings. Great stuff.
    The what they would play in Ellijay. But, well done.

    It was put together by a Brian Danuff. Why do I know that name ?
    Is he the one from the BBB...Block Buster Brotherhood of New York ? Yes, it still does exist.

  8. Brian Danuff is a writer here and a former Yankee Fan Unite alumni.

    And you would be surprised what kind of music they play here friend

  9. BRIAN DANUFF...yes. A Block Buster Brotherhood brother. He was the first to sign up with me.
    The music ? Not a knock on the Waylon Jenning's crowd. The music in the video, was for the younger

  10. 40 MAN...REDUX: I was in error. The Yankees have to adjust the 40 man rooster by game day. 15 day DL. ( no change )
    Solarte is added to the now 41 man roster.
    Some one is cut lose.... Preston Claiborne, is a name mentioned. Another, Nick Turley, going
    on the 60 day DL.

    1. That's one option I did not think of, 60 day DL for Turley. Especially if they can backdate it more than a week


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