Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Quick Hit: Ashamed Of Being A Yankee Fan Today

I love this sport of baseball and I love my New York Yankees but last night really upset me and made me ashamed of being a fan when the crowd of 115 people (obviously being sarcastic here but not by much) boo'd Robinson Cano in his first at bat. Where in the hell do Yankee fans get off boo'ing Cano when the other 16 games this season they cheered for Jacoby Ellsbury?

We're doing just fine. We lost one player in his prime to a greedy owner who was willing to way overpay for way too many years and have stolen about 100 of those similar type players this decade alone. Chill Yankees fans, we're gonna be just fine. We got 99 problems but being in fourth place with a AAA lineup ain't one, that's Seattle's problem.

You had your one night, you boo'd the man, it's time to officially move on and give him the hand he deserved.


  1. I understand where you're coming from on this. Cano was a very good player for us for nearly a decade, and did play on a very team friendly contract. We as fans tend to look down on a player who leaves for the highest bidder, but how many of us have left one job for another one because of increased pay? I know I have. My only problem with Cano leaving is the "bashing" he did when he left. He didn't have to say he was disrespected when he left or complain that Girardi hit him second in the lineup. Cano and Seattle will regret choices made, but that's on them. We should appreciate what Cano did while he was a Yankee, and wish him well.

    1. I concur Jeff...
      No matter what the players say, there are very few that don't follow the money.
      We know that some will stay with a team because of personal reasons, but in the long run, they get about the same money as they would have gotten elsewhere, or close enough for them to stay.
      I mean, when one is talking about the amount of $$$$$ they make for playing a kids game, how much is enough? Besides that, the Boss at home says, stay here, what do you do? Yup, you stay!

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  3. Especially in the same offseason that we "stole" Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, etc.


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