Saturday, April 12, 2014

Solarte, the new Kevin Mass?

From over .500 to a .343 makes him Kevin #2?
I don't buy it at all, Kevin and Solarte have very little in common. Whereas, Kevin was power or nothing...Solarte is a contact hitter.

The thing with Solarte, making him no different than most Rookies, is making the adjustments on what the pitchers are doing to him. Can we say; "Nothing but breaking pitches"?
Solarte has never faced breaking balls as good has he has lately...I am going to withhold judgement and give him time to show if he has the talent.
I believe he does have what it takes to stay on the 25 man roster and help the Yankees to the 2014 Gold Ring.

I believe in rookies until I see them unable to adjust, I mean no matter what a hitter does they all have a cold spot! But it matters what the hitter does when the pitcher misses the cold spot...does he tag it well or foul it off?

There are a few bloggers and (so called) experts saying Solarte is the Next Kevin Mass. As they did with Brett and now with Solarte anyone coming up through our system had better be much better than "The Babe" or get written off as another over hyped player!
Let's give the guy a chance to show what he has, before passing judgement.

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