Thursday, May 8, 2014


I am not a big fan of Hype, Jeter has been a great SS for the Yankees over the last 20 years. He helped the team win five World Series...But the Hype is, "Jeter won 5 WS's"! My question to that is, "Where were all the other players"? I don't care for a player with the talent he has, getting as much HYPE as he has had over the last 20 years! Thank you very much, Joe T and Mister Kay. 
Jeter is a heck of a SS with great talent and IS the Face of the Yankees and MLB but, Captain Clutch he is not and never has been. As "Captain Clutch" he hit a HR in the November WS and hit well in most WS games, but so did Bobby Richardson and "Scooter".
Jeter is the model for every kid that wants to play baseball…he is the all-American guy, thanks to the great parents he had. Jeter has been one of the five best all around SS to ever play the game.
These things are true but, the sad thing is…he will play until he can no longer do his job, then what? Kids will always see Jeter as he ended his tenure as a SS for the Yankees…not as the bright star and Face of the Yankees.
I had to sit through the endings of HOF players before, Joe "D", Yogi, Mickey Mantle, Willy Mays, and Hammering Hank...all of them waited to long to let go. The only two of them that were Hyped (other than Jeter) was Hammering Hank and Mickey! One for the most HRs ever, and one trying to hit the most in a season.
Believe me when I say; "I had to watch a hurting Mickey get picked off 2nd base." I watched him swing and miss a pitch and almost fall down because of all his leg injuries etc.,!
Now we are presented with an over age Star playing SS and will go into the HOF but, I ask you all out there in Yankee land; What records has he broken or set other then Yankee records? None, he does have over 3,000 hits but, in a few years there will be other guys joining makes him one of 10, with more guys on the way to join him.
Don't misunderstand me, he will make it into the HOF but not for his baseball records, it will be because everyone thinks of him as a super guy and the glue that holds the team together. Granted he is the best PC guy, with great baseball talent, I have ever seen in baseball. And when it all boils down to the bottom line; his being TOO PC and his quest for HOF for doing nothing great is the only thing I have against him. Although, I must admit, it isn't his fault for all the Hype he has gotten over these many years, and he was just what this team needed...the Face of the MLBL!
Jeter has had a very very good 20 years in baseball, with his talents alone, he should be in the HoF and will be. I have the utmost respect for Jeter and his talents on the field, but to many are saying...he is one of the ten greatest Yankees is ridiculous, to say the least!

IF I were manager of the Yankees, would I have him as my SS...Hell yes! But, if another SS had not gotten messed up in the Roid would be him hands down.

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