Saturday, June 28, 2014

Can't Predict Baseball: Branch Rickey Sucks

Branch Rickey is well known for being the man that essentially integrated Negro League baseball players into the major leagues when he signed Jackie Robinson to that historic contract way back when. While Rickey was generally thought of as a good administrator in this game of baseball he flat out sucked as a catcher. The Yankees catcher allowed 13 stolen bases to the Washington Senators on this day in 1907. Rickey would go down in history for the Robinson signing and would earn the nickname "the Mahatma" but it definitely was not for his on the field capabilities.

Also on this day 1919 the Boston Red Sox pitcher Carl Mays made of a day of it by pitching two complete games in the same day. The Red Sox and Mays would shut out the Yankees 2-0 in the first game of the doubleheader and would lose the second game 4-1. Coincidentally the Yankees would trade for Mays this season at the end of July, I guess the extended look at the submariner right hander didn't hurt.

Two complete games in one day by the same pitcher and 13 stolen bases off the great Branch Rickey, I guess it's true what they say Suzyn you really can't predict baseball.

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