Saturday, June 28, 2014

Quick Hit: Nuno Gets Good As CC Gets Healthy

Doesn't it figure, or is it simply a coincidence, that Vidal Nuno throws the game of his life last night against the Boston Red Sox at home on the eve of CC Sabathia making his first rehab assignment start? Isn't that how it always goes for the Yankees? A guy struggles, the veteran is on his way back, the rookie improves, and another guy like Chase Whitley will be sent down when CC is ready to return after the All Star Break.

FYI here is the schedule for CC Sabathia's return:

Rehab start today: 45-50 pitches
7/3: 60 pitches
7/8: 75 pitches
7/13: 90 pitches

All Star Break

Return to the mound to start on 7/18 against the Cincinnati Reds at home? The break also allows us to reset the rotation and, if Joe Girardi chooses, have Masahiro Tanaka pitch technically in the number two spot.

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