Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Can't Predict Baseball: Jeter's First Grand Slam

We'll start this latest issue of Can't Predict Baseball with a little bit of Red Sox news because on this day in 1967 the Sox first basemen Joe Foy saved his parents life. Foy was spending the night with his parents prior to a series with the Yankees in Yankee Stadium when a fire broke out. Foy was able to get his parents safely out of their home in the Bronx. Foy did lose many souvenirs and keepsakes from being a baseball player but I think he would trade them all for his parents any day.

Also on this day in 2005 Derek Jeter finally hit his first grand slam of his career. Jeter had accumulated 136 at bats and 155 plate appearances with the bases loaded before taking one out over the fences. The grand salami ended the longest drought, in at bats and number of home runs, among current major leaguers without hitting a grand slam.

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