Monday, June 9, 2014

Yankees Trying To Trade Kelly Johnson?

According to a report in the Dallas Morning Star "officials" around the league say that the New York Yankees have made Kelly Johnson available in trades. The Texas Rangers are said to be interested in Johnson's services possibly after losing their second first basemen this season in Mitch Moreland who went down with an ankle injury. Could the Yankees actually get something in return for Johnson, a player to be named later or cash considerations? Or would they ask for "the moon" for Johnson and play the supply vs. demand game? Hopefully it's the former and not the latter, New York can open up a spot for Triple-A power hitting first basemen Kyle Roller with the trade.

Johnson currently sits at .216/.279/.392 with four home runs and 16 RBI's this season losing his starting third base job to Yangervis Solarte.


    Everyone loves Derek Jeter, the Captain. But the Captain is clogging up the works.
    * The below, was lifted from River Ave Blues today.

    " Let’s state the obvious here: Derek Jeter hasn’t hit a lick this year. He’s managed a .254/.312/.300 (71 wRC+) batting line through 234 plate appearances and ranks dead last out of 167 qualified hitters with a .047 ISO. Even Ben Revere has hit for more power. According to Baseball Savant, Jeter has seen the highest rate of pitches over 90 mph (55.2%) among players with at least 100 at-bats, and against those pitches he has the lowest ISO (.019!) and the fifth lowest batting average (.235) in baseball. Opponents know he can’t hit fastballs so they’re throwing the ball right by him. It’s sorta embarrassing at this point. "

    This is a problem. In the old days, the crusty Captain would have said, I am hurting my team, and
    he would step aside. That could happen.
    But he is hurting the team. The screams of young fans, not withstanding.

    1. Very discerning, I should think! It dovetails to what I commented a bit earlier.
      It has been no secret to most that know what to look for, it is the fans with rose colored glasses that can't or won't see things as they are, only as they would like them to be!

  2. A COMPLAINT : Forward to GP.
    I may not write as fast as most. But, I was putting together a nice piece on future player
    movement.......when psssssst! It was gone for ever.
    Reason put retro, I took too long. And it erased everything.
    The F word is in my vocabulary. It is applicable at this point in time.
    Such a waste.

    No longer the closer for the Rays.
    6.46 ERA, 20 walks, 21 strike 23 2/3 did him in. He was confused by that dumb stadium.
    Now is the time to strike. And get the ultimate set up man! He now can be snatched away.

    ( I'm still very angry that my great post was blanked away. The F word ! )

  4. That's a google complaint more than a GP complaint, nothing I can really do about that unfortunately. I have had the same happen to me on numerous occasions, both posting and commenting.

  5. I don' think the dumb stadium was the reason for Balfour's struggles, I think it was because the Oakland McAfee Coliseum helped his fly ball tendencies immensely, like I said, and he is getting exposed for what he was before his time in Oakland and what he is now, a home run prone relief pitcher with fire.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)