Saturday, July 5, 2014

Can't Predict Baseball: Four Consecutive Double Headers Lost

In an event that I doubt will ever happen again the Boston Red Sox established an American League record for losing four consecutive doubleheaders. The Red Sox amazingly had no other games in between the eight straight losses in doubleheaders making the feat extraordinary. The streak started with four losses to the New York Yankees before the Red Sox went home to Fenway Park to lose four more to the Washington Senators. Four straight doubleheaders is brutal and losing all eight games is historic, just not the history you want to be a part of.

Also on this day in 1985 the San Diego Padres Gary Templeton tied a major league record held by the Yankees Roger Maris by being intentionally walked four times in a game. Maris set the record in 1962 and Templeton was intentionally walked in the 12th inning of this 1985 with the Pittsburgh Pirates, a game that saw Templeton score in that 12th inning before the Pirates scored three in the bottom of the inning to win the game.

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