Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Luis Severino Promoted To Double-A Trenton

Luis Severino has been promoted to Double-A and will join the Trenton Thunder to pitch on Saturday. Severino put on a showcase this week at the MLB Futures Game and was rewarded with the promotion. I can't say I see Severino ending this season anywhere else but the way this guy is pitching the sky is the limit. The Yankees are finally being semi-aggressive with their prospects and it's definitely a sight for sore eyes.


  1. This guy is moving fast! I try to follow the minor leagues as much as I can. But honestly, I didn't even know who this guy was until your February prospect month. Maybe he will be the guy that opens the eyes of Yankee management and Yankee fans. Just because a player is young, doesn't mean he has to play in the minors for 7 years before he's called up.

  2. JEFFREY L.....you are right.
    Not all should toil in the minors, if they can perform on this stage.
    All the current Cuban players who signed over the winter....slid right in. Some are all stars tonight.
    If they can perform at this level...god bless them. It does happen.
    Severino, and Refsnyder ( good things sometimes happen in twos, or threes ), they are rockets,
    better than others, bring them on board.

  3. Severino didn't really get on anyone's radar until last season. He was an IFA, the last big IFA before the restrictions I believe. I could be confusing him with Avelino. Feels like I've been drinking the captain and coke too lol.

  4. Severino is one of the pitchers mentioned about being in the show. His make-up and style of pitching should translate well in The "House that Ruth Built".

  5. The Yankees are being very aggressive with him surprisingly. It's not like them to "rush" a guy like this but I really like it.


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