Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Robertson, Yankees Have Had "Zero Talks" About a New Contract

While David Robertson has had a couple of bad games this season, for the most part he's been exactly what the Yankees needed.

The veteran right-hander, who originally served as the Yanks' set-up man before becoming their closer this year, has successfully converted 23 of his 25 save opportunities, a big reason why the team's .500 going into the All Star Break instead of anything worse.

Still, as of now Robertson and the Bombers have apparently not had any talks about a new contract, something that could turn out to be damaging in the coming months due to #30's impending free agency. 

“There’s just been zero talks," Robertson recently told the NYDN's Anthony McCarron. "When the offseason comes, it comes and we’ll hear what other teams and everybody else wants to say.”

In the past, the longtime Pinstripes' reliever has gone on record saying he wants to stay in New York, the only positive sign that seems to be coming from this story.

During the upcoming offseason, the Yankees will already be busy looking for another shortstop and probably some more starting pitching, making where Robertson fits into the 2015 club a mystery, as guys like Dellin Betances will obviously come at a cheaper price.

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