Thursday, July 10, 2014

Yankee Blogging and Yankee Fandom Don't Always Mix

With every season that passes and every game that I watch the harder it gets to be both a fan of the New York Yankees and a blogger who covers the team. In an interview with our friend Mike Ashmore, formerly of the Trenton Thunder and current Somerset Patriots blogger who does a fantastic job at everything he does, he spoke of your “fandom” going out the window when you do the job long enough, a statement that I initially scoffed at but it’s true. I am in no way any less of a fan now than I was when I started this, in fact I am more of fan because I monitor and scrutinize everything and pay so close of attention to everything that it may be ruining it for me a little.

For example, I have been the most vocal and animated about the “struggles” of a guy that has 12 wins and a 2.52 ERA in his rookie season than anyone on the planet. Instead of remembering, and I have to remind myself quite often, that he is a rookie and in the United States for his first time and adjusting to four days of rest, a new catcher, new mound, new ball, and a plethora of other factors, I find myself constantly looking for patterns. I am constantly looking for things to write about, things to improve upon, and areas that I find concerning. I am more vocal about Masahiro Tanaka than I was about Vidal Nuno, Chase Whitley, Michael Pineda, etc.

When the Yankees win I’m ecstatic and I want to get on Twitter and joke and cut up and rag on the opposing team a little, any fan does, and when the Yankees lose I want to scream and break things and curse, again any fan does, but I don’t. I try to keep the Twitter as rated PG as I can and safe for work so it’s more enjoyable for everyone. Maybe I should start using my personal @DanielBurch account when we’re losing.

I am in no way complaining here, I’m not contemplating retirement from blogging or being a New York Yankees fan either, I just had to get this off my chest. It’s something I felt I needed to say so here it is. I hope everyone understands and appreciates all the work that myself and the rest of the Greedy Pinstripes family puts into this. We love doing it and we love this team, that’s why we do it, even if the payment (monetary or not) is not always there. I love blogging and I love the Yankees more than anything besides my children, wife, and family in that order but damn it’s hard to be both sometimes. 


  1. I don't find it that hard. I already looked at stats before I blogged, so this isn't that different.

  2. I don't guess you try and stay positive and politically correct though on Twitter and such, that was more or less the point of the post.


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