Friday, August 29, 2014

Discussing a 2015 Contract for David Robertson

David Robertson has only been the closer in New York for one season but has been one of the game’s best set up men in all of baseball while setting up for the great Mariano Rivera. Robertson has gone through arbitration and will be a free agent for the first time in his career after the Yankees season ends in a month or so. What kind of contract will D Rob want after being willing to give the club a hometown discount this winter only to not receive any interest from New York?

Robertson is finishing out his arbitration years by making $5.2 million before racking up any meaningful saves in his career. The Yankees, Robertson, and everyone around baseball expect that to double if not more for 2015. Robertson is in his age 29 season and will be 30 early in 2015 meaning he will look to get the biggest contract of his career this winter, both in dollars and in years.

I wouldn’t have to look twice if Robertson asked for a four year deal from New York or longer and an AAV of $12 million and you know what? He deserves it. Sure the Yankees have Dellin Betances waiting in the wings but even with Robertson “replaced” in the pen next season you still have to find a way to replace Betances which will be no easy feat. The Yankees bullpen would take a huge hit by letting Robertson walk next season and may have to bite the bullet and give into Robertson’s demands.

If this was the Yankees of even 2013 or earlier with loads of “failed” starting pitchers waiting in the wings that could be power bullpen arms New York may be inclined to pull a John Wetteland circa 1996 and let Robertson walk for the multi-inning fire baller in Betances. Manny Banuelos is a starting pitcher and so is Luis Severino while Bryan Mitchell, Mark Montgomery, Jose Ramirez, etc. don’t exactly instill a whole lot of faith in the bullpen going forward for me.

The Yankees had a chance to lock up Robertson to a team friendly and well deserved extension much like they did with Brett Gardner this winter and passed up and may have to pay for it in the end. The end being this winter. Four or five years and around $12 million a season sounds right for Robertson, what say you?

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