Friday, August 29, 2014

List of Major League Players To Be Drafted And Make Their MLB Debut In The Same Season

September is just around the corner and the Yankees Universe is awaiting the potential call up of their first pick, second rounder, in this year's draft Jacob Lindgren. The potential Lindgren call up got me thinking, how many notable players have actually made their MLB debut's in the same season that they were drafted? The quick answer, not many.

Chris Sale was drafted in the 2010 draft and made his debut on August 6, 2010 working out of the bullpen for the Chicago White Sox. Sale pitched in 21 games that season for Chicago.

Paco Rodriguez of the Los Angeles Dodgers was drafted in the second round of the 2012 Draft and made his MLB debut on September 9 of that season. Rodriguez pitched just 6.2 innings of relief that season for the Dodgers.

Ryan Wagner, Chad Cordero, Rickie Weeks, Joey Devine, Ryan Zimmerman, Craig Hansen, Andrew Miller, Ross Detwiler and Conor Gilaspie are the other nine players to make their debuts in the same season they were drafted in the last 11 drafts. While Zimmerman and Miller are probably household names you don't see the David Price's or Mike Leake's of the world on the list who waited until the next season to make their debuts.

Just as an FYI before the last 11 drafts there were only five players to make their debuts in the same season they were drafted, Brian Anderson, Jeff Granger, Ariel Prieto, JD Drew, and Xavier Nady.

What does this mean for Lindgren? Absolutely nothing but it does make you, well it makes me anyway, step back and really control my expectations for the young left hander.

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