Friday, August 29, 2014

Masahiro Tanaka Sent Back To New York w/ Arm Soreness

Masahiro Tanaka is being sent back to New York after reporting some general arm soreness after his 45 pitch simulated game yesterday. Even after the game Tanaka reported some general soreness, not pain, since he has not thrown much in so long and today the team sent him back to New York. Tanaka says that he will not see a doctor when he gets back to New York, which I flat out don't believe, and will work out in the team's facilities.

Tanaka is expected to do some strength building exercises after experiencing the soreness in his arm. Tanaka reports no pain in his elbow or forearm and says the soreness is through his whole arm, not secluded to one problem area. I guess that's good news if you can take any good news out of this setback for Tanaka.

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