Sunday, August 24, 2014

Quick Hit: Yankees Begin a Tough Postseason Stretch

Starting this afternoon the New York Yankees begin a tough stretch of games that will undoubtedly determine whether the team will make the postseason or not. In the next four games the Yankees finish their three game set with the Chicago White Sox by facing off with Chris Sale, make up a previously rained out game with the Kansas City Royals by facing James Shields, and head to Detroit to take on the Tigers and Rick Porcello and David Price. The third game of the Tigers series the Yankees draw Buck Farmer, a rookie in his third start of his career.

New York finishes off with three games in Toronto against the Blue Jays before beginning September baseball. We will likely know a lot more about the Yankees chances for a playoff berth by then but these next four games are likely to make the team or break the team, hopefully the former.


  1. ELLIJAY BURCH.... ( aka : happy as a puppy with two peckers/peters.)

    @ Been having difficulty, all day, getting on to your site. Firefox, was saying they can not
    find the server / loading the page.
    But I'm in, " A free man in Paris " the song goes.

    Looked up southern slang before ...resulting in the dogs / peckers. You speak that way also ?
    Sho'nough, you do. Tomorrow ( Monday )...Zac Brown, will be at the Jones Beach Theater.
    The theater, on the bay, is approx. 4 miles from my home.
    Would love be there, but if the wind is just right, off the ocean, I will hear them faintly.

    Bottom line : Nice win today for the team. The walk off HR, may be a spark. Lets see.
    Sometimes crazy things happen after a nice win, against a top pitcher.

    We shall see. So far, there has been no run of wins all season. How about the next 8-10 in a row ? That will place the wheels back on track. Fingers crossed. Good night.

  2. I think it's a firefox issue because Bryan Van Dusen was as well. I use chrome and had zero issues all day. My apologies though, maybe it's fixed now.

    I don't speak southern slang, I despise it actually. I was born in the Bronx and lived in NY for 14 years and you can't get it out of me.


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