Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Teixeira Staying Positive After Losing Opener to Houston

When a playoff-hungry team like the Yankees loses a seemingly-easy game like yesterday's to the Astros, it's not exactly difficult to lose a good amount of hope.

The 63-60 team, as we all know, has been inconsistent at home for the entirety of this season's first four and a half months, a trend that's expected be put on hold this week since Houston and Chicago are coming to town.

Still, up to this point it obviously hasn't, an unfortunate happening that apparently doesn't matter to team First Basemen Mark Teixeira, with the veteran surprisingly expressing confidence after the frustrating defeat.

"Two days ago we were talking about a two-game win streak and going on a run," Teixiera told The Star Ledger's Matthew Stanmyre. "We're not going to let one game get us down too much. I'm pretty sure we're still in the race. We just need to score more runs and win more games."

With last night's 7-4 failure, interestingly, the Yanks fell to 4 games out in the AL Wild Card standings, a number that's probably too high for comfort.

Nonetheless, since the Phillies beat the Mariners earlier today and the Tigers have to play the always-tough Rays this evening Teixeira's second-to-last sentence definitely appears to be true, as hard as that may be to believe.

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