Monday, September 22, 2014

Beltran & Teixeira Both Hurt Again & Hurting The Team

Mark Teixeira was removed from Saturday afternoon's game against the Toronto Blue Jays with his wrist acting up once again. Teixeira has missed more than a month's worth of games this season for various injuries and recently caught some flak when he said he could not play through the injuries anymore. Teixeira reversed that stance this time around and announced that he was going to try a third cortisone shot this season in the wrist to try and finish out the season. Teixeira was not exactly knocking the cover off the ball before the wrist acted up again, in fact he had been struggling mightily for the entire second half, so is the cortisone shot going to help or hurt the team? I'm going with the latter.

The Yankees had a real scoring shot in the comeback attempt during that game but Brendan Ryan, who replace Teixeira at first base after the injury, was allowed to hit and ultimately struck out. When manager Joe Girardi was asked about yet another questionable decision in letting Ryan hit he announced that Carlos Beltran was unavailable due to his elbow barking yet again. Beltran, like Teixeira, is not tearing the cover off the ball so putting off his elbow spur surgery is likely hurting the team more than helping the team. 

I understand, and appreciate, the guys wanting to be out there to help the team win games as long as the team is mathematically still in this thing but there comes a point where you have to be realistic. The Yankees are not going to win out and they are not going to make the postseason this year. If the Yankees did make a miraculous run at the postseason you have to think they would have a better shot without the automatic outs that Teixeira and Beltran have become. If you and I can see it then why can't the Yankees organization and the players themselves?

Team over self guys and you're hurting the team right now. 

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