Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Girardi to Rays After Jeter is Hit on Hand: "Pitch the Right Way"

Yankees' Manager Joe Girardi attacked the Rays' pitching staff after Derek Jeter was hit on the hand in last night's 6-1 loss, calling for them to "pitch the right way."

Yesterday's eighth inning plunking of Jeter, which resulted in Girardi being ejected, happened just six days after team Thrd Basemen Chase Headley took a Jake McGee fastball to the face, an event that caused him to miss four games.

"If you are going to pitch inside, pitch the right way," Girard told's Andrew Marchand. "If you can't pitch inside, don't pitch inside. We are not pincushions."

The aforementioned Headley, someone whose voice definetely matters in this case, also expressed frustration. 

"You shouldn't be in the big leagues if you keep doing that consistently," Headley said. "I mean, guys are throwing too hard with too good a stuff. Granted, I know that balls get away every now and then. I get it. It can't keep happening. If a guy can't control the fastball, he can't pitch in there. He can't be in the game."

Unfortunately for both sides, Jeter's HBP was only the beginning of a much bigger problem. Because shortly after it happened, New York Reliever David Phelps was also disqualified for throwing at Rays' OF Kevin Kiermaier, something that ultimately cleared both benches.

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