Monday, September 8, 2014

Tanaka: My Arm "Feels Really Good" Right Now

After watching them get shutout twice this weekend in a tough series loss to the Royals, it's definitely reasonable to think that the Yankees could use some good news right now.

Ever since they left KC August 25, as you all probably already know, they have gone just 5-7, a record that has dropped their playoff chances considerably. 

So, though it likely won't effect how the season plays out, it's safe to assume that Masahiro Tanaka getting back in the rotation in the next couple of weeks would be a welcome occurance in their clubhouse, a seemingly too-good-to-be-true scenario that could actually happen. That's right, Tanaka himself is now claiming that his arm "feels really good," a fortunate fact that none of us expected to hear after last week's setback. 

“Obviously the arm feels good," Tanaka told the New York Post through a translator. "It feels really good."

Tanaka then added that he hopes to pitch again this year, something he considers his goal. 

“We’ll see if I can get on the mound again this year and pitch," Tanaka said. "But like I told you guys earlier, that’s my goal and that’s where I’m trying to get to.’’ 

Hopefully he'll accomplish his mission. Who knows? Maybe him doing so would begin a fun stretch.

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