Friday, September 5, 2014

Thinking About 2015: The Fourth or Fifth Outfielder

Here I go again thinking about 2015 and looking past the 2014 season while it’s still going on but I can’t help it. The product on the field this season has not lived up to the fan’s and owner’s expectations and I want to ensure that the team does not miss the postseason for a third consecutive season. While I know, although I have no proof, that members of the New York Yankees front office read my stuff I will use that to my advantage and slip them a few ideas from time to time, like who the team should bring in to essentially replace Ichiro Suzuki on the team next year on the bench as either a fourth or fifth outfielder. The drum beating continues today and will all offseason for centerfielder and former All Star Grady Sizemore.

For the past couple of off seasons I have called the name Grady Sizemore like he was the second coming of Derek Jeter and while his time in Boston last year made me back off that stance a little it has not swayed me enough to turn the page. Sizemore was stellar for Boston during spring training and had a hot start to the season only to cool down, come back down to Earth, and ultimately get designated for assignment by the team. Sizemore quickly latched on with the Philadelphia Phillies on a minor league deal and continued his comeback season. In 2015 I want Sizemore winning the Comeback Player of the Year Award for the New York Yankees, not some other club.

Sizemore is capable of playing all three outfield positions and is still relatively young at age 32 making him an attractive piece for 2015. We all know Joe Girardi isn’t going to use Antoan Richardson, Ramon Flores, or Zoilo Almonte if he somehow makes it back onto the roster so why not at least bring in a guy that makes some sense in Sizemore. 

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  1. While I'll admit that I was secretly rooting for Sizemore to do well this year, and still hope that an extremely talented and charismatic player like Sizemore does find his way back, I don't want it to be with the Yankees. I'm going to beat the drum for Tyler Austin. I just can't help it Daniel. Sorry!


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