Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2015 Yankees: The Case for Michael Morse

Yesterday on the blog we made the case for right handed power bat, outfielder, and first baseman Michael Cuddyer and today we will make that same case for San Francisco Giants slugger and free agent to be Michael Morse. Morse, like Cuddyer, is a right handed power bat that can play an adequate outfield while also being able to back up at first base. Morse is obviously more of a DH type then an every day positional player but we're talking about a bench role here.

Morse hit .279/.336/.475 this season in a huge ballpark in San Francisco while hitting 16 home runs. Morse, unlike Cuddyer, didn't have any issues staying on the field this season as he played in 131 games in 2014. If you put Morse on the 2014 Yankees he leads the team in batting average while placing fourth in home runs and RBI.

With Morse being a borderline defensive liability the Yankees would have to rotate him in and out of the lineup quite often. This sounds like it could be an inconvenience but with the DH spot conceivably clogged once again and with aging and brittle stars like Carlos Beltran and Mark Teixeira the extra rest could actually benefit the 2015 Yankees. Morse would not command a huge salary nor would he command a longer termed deal, two years max, making him the ideal right field and fourth outfielder spot this offseason for Brian Cashman and the Yankees.


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    Alex Rodriguez, 3B: $61MM through 2017
    C.C. Sabathia, SP: $48MM through 2016 ($25MM vesting option for 2017, $5MM buyout otherwise)
    Mark Teixeira, 1B: $45MM through 2016

  2. Excuse me, are you on this line ? No ?.....great ! That means it's time for the....
    Tonight, while mentioning Brian Cashman earlier, we have.."CashmanNinja"
    Mr. Ninja, is from the Bronx, N Y, and will comment tonight on pitcher...Bryan Mitchell.
    A big welcome lads, for a first time Greedy commenter.

    CashmanNinja • an hour ago

    " Mitchell is intriguing because he's got a nice fastball and that power curve. The reason I like him so much is that if he fails as a starter I think he could be an excellent reliever (think Betances). If he doesn't have to save his arm for multiple innings then he could ramp his fastball up to 97 which makes an 83-85 mph power curve look even better. There's a lot to like about him. He went 5 scoreless against the O's and that's no easy task considering the offense they had."

    Nice job, Ninja . Looking forward to seeing Mitchell at spring training.

    1. Damn it, I had a grossly underrated Reply ready and the damn thing went into the here and after somewhere.
      Nite all, damn it to hell!

  3. Google has it out for you Mr. Reed

  4. Mitchell is def. an underrated and under-used piece for the Yankees. Think Adam Warren who also found a ton of velocity and command and control, until he wore down this season, when moved to the bullpen.

    1. I agree 100% Daniel!
      One thing that has bothered me a lot is, the call for the Yankees to let D-Rob walk! This is ignorant fans that have no idea of history or baseball.
      Having two guys that are interchangeable as Closers is a blessing, having 4 guys that are interchangeable as back-up for the closer is a blessing from the gods of baseball!
      Having starters that can pump it up for 5 or 6 innings instead of 7 or 8 makes the pitching staff one of the better ones in baseball! Going to a six-man rotation even makes it better, which is something I approve of...IF (there's that word again) they do it!
      New York Yankees use to be the team others would try and emulate, maybe they will be again...who knows?

  5. I agree, I have been very vocal in my opinion on keeping D Rob on the team. Kansas City and San Francisco didn't let their closers walk, they built on great bullpens and shutting down the game after 5-6 innings.

    1. So did the Yankees for many years as far back as Sparky.
      Righetti and Goose average innings per year were 118, with Sparky coming in at 105 and Mo 78. They were the closers, but the guys that set them up were damn good also...Procter and Davis come to mind off hand and now we have Dellin followed by D-Rob.

      Note to the Yankees, as Joe D said many years ago; "Don't mess with my World Series Money"!

  6. Instead of letting D Rob walk they need to be considering bringing Rafael Soriano back and turning these games into five inning affairs, maybe even four inning affairs. Complete domination from the pitching staff.

    1. I am not so sure we need Soriano, we have a couple or more guys on the farm that could back-up D-Rob and "Killen" Dellin. How about; Manny Banuelos, Warren, Mitchell, Phelps, Whitley, Kelley and Rogers. Any two of those guys could be the #3 and #4 guys!
      I know, Man-Bam is a starter but, I am positive he will be moved to the Pen or traded at some point. When he changes to a two-pitch pitcher (to start with), his C&C will become much better. He can get the job done as such, then add one more after he gets' acclimated to the speed of the Big Show and sees he can do the job. It also gives the team two guys that can work two(+) innings out of the pen.


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