Friday, October 3, 2014

Hal Steinbrenner, Apology Not Accepted

On Tuesday afternoon the Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner had an interview with the YES Network’s and Yankees broadcast announcer Michael Kay in which he touched on a slew of topics. The final question given to Steinbrenner was something to the effect of “what would you like to say to all the Yankees fans?” in which Steinbrenner apologized. Well Hal, apology not accepted.

Here’s my set of questions for Mr. Steinbrenner.

Where were you during Derek Jeter’s last games at Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park?

What are you doing to address the obvious needs for a new hitting coach and third base coach?

When will you stop simply throwing money at free agents and attempt to build a core?

What’s more important to you, and be honest, the on the field product or the green/black ink on your spreadsheet?

Who is in the naked pictures of someone in your family that Brian Cashman obviously has possession of that keeps him in a job? I want to scan a copy for Robert Refsnyder and Jacob Lindgren.

When are we going to win again?

Answer these questions for me Mr. Steinbrenner and then maybe I will accept your apology, not before. Until then this just sounds like another smoke screen, another sound bite, and another left hand waving at you to keep you distracted from what the right hand is doing. I’m not buying it and I’m not comfortable with getting into the habit of saying “there’s always next year” so get something done. You don’t have to be your dad, your dad was unique and special, but you have to be the owner because you are what you are. Act like it. 


  1. That's nice of you being able to say next year, after a year like this one.
    I am running out of the years and I refuse to go anywhere until I see 28 done and over with. It would be nice of Hal to win one so I don't have to go to Tampa and kick some Asses...I'm getting a little slower so that may take all-day! LOL

  2. Hope it's not another 81 years before we win one... you're gonna be really awry by then.

  3. JOBA & D-ROB...the way Joba is pitching, may impact on where Robinson ends up.

    Joba, and the idiotic beard. Stupid, may be the better word. If the Tigers bomb out of this, their
    fans will be screaming for a closer next month.
    That's not hard to see.

    1. Very valid point. They have Joakim Soria though which may keep them out of the sweepstakes, I hope.

  4. ROCKET REED....stop with the age thing. You'll be here longer.

    Next year ? At this point in time, I really believe this squad will be beefed up, and ready to
    make a real strong run next year.
    My heart tells me that, and I trust it. My new candles from Rome, will also help.

    No more age talk....Do ya done do dat git it, ya youngin ?

  5. Now let's see Hal spend some money, where it will do the most good! Shall we start with D-Rob for a three year deal? Any more years than that is a waist of money. Heads up for those saying let him walk, Dellin as the closer? In theory, fine but, who picks up the 8th or the 7th?
    Dellin has had a history of being very wild and loosing it altogether, can we be sure, having the pressure of closing game after game will not trigger more wildness? Then what do we do?

    1. Dellin has a history of losing it and being very wild as a four pitch starting pitcher out of the windup. He pitches out of the stretch and throws two pitches mainly mixing in a third and has been one of the best with command and control in the game.

  6. TONIGHT'S MERCENARY.....Terry / Joe Crash.
    Terry is a charming urban New Yorker, who has thoughts re: ALEX RODRIQUEZ.
    Lets give Terry our attention :

    Terry / Joe Crash • 8 hours ago

    " I just hope A-rod doesn't make a scene in the off-season, for his sake as well as the Yankees.

    His career has been a success however he wants to slice it, but I understand that he believes he's been wronged (which I agree with in some part, at least) and wants to go out with a bang.

    He just needs to remember that he needs the Yankees organization and especially the players on his side (not just publicly, but in the long-term) if he wants to go out on a high note and be remembered for it.

    " No fooling around this off-season, Alex " is probably what Boras has been drumming him.

    Nice job, Terry
    Welcome to Greedy Pinstripes.

  7. KENNY ' the non-aging ' ROCKET : No one is saying..." let him walk."

    Sorry, but I think Robinson will get a overwhelming offer. Much like Cano's.
    Early on, look for the Tigers, and Boston to offer big contracts.
    The Yankees will not go there. For good reason.

    Dellin Betances is the next Goose, only hybrid. He is that good.
    Behind him is Lundgren, and others. All hard throwers. ( Think Sabathia, also )

    Fixing the offense is the name of the game. A power short stop, and a power corner will
    quickly put the wheels back on track.

    Trading Gardner, Cervelli / or young catching....are great options.

    * No more age stuff, please.

    1. What is this "Trade Brett" thing you are harping on? Who would replace him? Left field demands a true Center Fielder!
      We do need offense and it would be nice to find (and get) a power SS that knew what his glove was for and could cover more ground than a fence post.
      2015 we have a healthy Beltran and Tex, and McCann looks as though he has turned the corner, with the addition of A-Rod we should have enough power. We will also have power from the rest of the team @ an average of 10+ HRs. each is not asking too much!
      We need timely hitting, good defense, and good pitching!

    I may be wrong ( here it comes )....but you sound like your a big fan of the status quo.
    Leave everything in place, and tinker with the small pieces. Why not make Ryan the short stop ?
    He almost hit like Jeter did, until Jeter got hot at the end.
    It will be 2014 all over again.

    Gardner should be traded, and replaced with a better / more feared hitter. They are out there.

    If they parade onto the field anything resembling the weak hitting, shell of it's former self, for
    the 2015 season should find better things to do, than fawn over this team.

    Your last sentence is right on point. But, that will not happen without change, big change.

    1. I am about sick of this site asking me to sign in every damn time I open the reply! What is going on with it?

    2. Must be your browser on your end because I have zero issues here or at work. Which browser are you using?

    3. Firefox on the Mac. I have Chrome and Safari, that I could use, What do you think, should I change it to one of them?

    4. Firefox has many issues with Blogger for some reason. Bryan said the site was down multiple times using Firefox and I would go check it on Chrome and it be fine. I get a email every month that tells the stat sites and such and we have always had a 100% up time so I don't know.

    5. No Patrick, what I am for is to use what we have and not bring in Talent that we may already have on the Farm. All that does is block said talent from being utilized by the team and costs money we could use elsewhere.
      In other-words I am saying DO NOT SIGN guys that have seen better days to a 2 or 3 year deal when we have younger and as good if not better in our system right now.

  9. OLD TIME ROCKET : I have a similar problem.
    When I start to make a reply, the screen tells me to go away.

  10. I have made the transformation to Chrome...I think!

  11. I use chrome with no issues. Would make sense that it works the best since Google owns both Blogger and Chrome.

    1. Thank you Daniel, I mentioned my problem to two girls next door and a couple their friends, during our Self Presservation Class! They all said the same thing as you did. Not only that but, all seven or so of them came into the house and with a lot of words I have no idea the meaning of...had everthing fixed and on the go in no time!

  12. The extensions and add ons for FireFox don't always blend well with other sites, especially sites optimized for Safari and Chrome. You should be good now!


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