Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MLB Should Adapt The NBA Playoff Policy

Major League Baseball has one of the better playoffs systems in my opinion, as a fan of the NFL, NBA, and as I have been known to dabble in the NHL from time to time I feel like I am fully qualified to make that statement. Obviously nothing beats March Madness but in my opinion MLB is one of the better ones and I think it's because they play almost everyday. Well unless teams sweep their opponents or win quickly like the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals did.

Kansas City swept the ALDS over the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on October, 5 and had to sit four days before getting the ALCS started. Again, Kansas City swept the ALCS on October, 15 with a rain out thrown in the middle and will now sit five days before the World Series gets started.

San Francisco won the NLDS over the Washington Nationals on October, 7 and had three days off before starting the ALCS with the St. Louis Cardinals. San Francisco beat the Cardinals in five games on October, 16 and will sit a whopping four more days before starting the World Series tonight.

This would never happen in the NBA as when one series ends the next series starts within a day or two, assuming both teams have completed their series. The Major League Baseball playoffs aren't missing much but this is definitely one thing that kills any sort of viewership or momentum. Rob Manfred, I hope you're reading.

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