Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rob Manfred Expects Domestic Violence Policy By 2015

The new commissioner of Major League Baseball Rob Manfred is doing something that neither the NBA nor NFL are doing, being proactive about domestic violence. Manfred expects there to be a policy in place written into the Collective Bargaining Agreement before the beginning of the 2015 season regarding domestic violence by the players representing MLB. Good for Manfred and great news that MLB seems to be the new morale police in the sports world, and that may sound sarcastic but I assure you that it’s not.

Manfred claims that negotiations are already underway between the players union and the league on a new domestic violence policy and expects the policy to be in place before the start of next season. Manfred has been quoted as saying “the tones have been very positive” by and assures the fans that they will take their time and get it right rather than simply put something out there for the sake of putting something in place.

They may not admit to this but this policy has to be reactionary from the NFL and Ray Rice situation that happened this offseason. Rice struck his wife in an elevator and the entire thing was caught on camera. The NHL also suspended Los Angeles Kings defenseman Slava Voynov indefinitely after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence even without being formally charged with anything. Sports are cracking down on domestic violence and all I have to say is that it’s sad it has come to this but it is about damn time that it gets done.

A big thank you goes out to Commissioner Manfred, the players union, and everyone involved in the process that are keeping the players’ families, wives, and children safe. 

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