Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rob Refsnyder Ranks 13th in International League Prospects

It's no secret that I'm not a big fan of prospects. While it's great to see guys like Brett Gardner come up through the system and contribute, the bottom line is I want what's best for the New York Yankees. And if trading away a top prospect helps the Yankees, then so be it.

No, we're not revisiting that trade.

However, when Baseball America released they're top 20 prospect in the International League, I was intrigued.

First of all, the International League is AAA, meaning players at that level could contribute to the big club very soon. It's not like we're seeing a high ranking for a guy that's still in single A ball, who likely won't even sniff MLB action for years.

Secondly, the player for Scranton that appeared on the list has been mentioned as somebody that could make the Yankees' 2015 Opening Day roster. That guy is Rob Refsnyder.

While the list itself (as well as lists for every league in the minors, at every level) is free to look at, you'd have to pay for the scouting reports. But since other places copy and paste the scouting reports, so will I...
“Refsnyder’s short, powerful stroke from the right side is polished, and when combined with a keen batting eye, he projects to hit for average and get on base at a high rate.”
The write-up also notes that Refsnyder “lacks fluidity and must improve his double-play pivot skills.” One scout said he is “a work in progress, but the bottom line is he can hit.”

All of that makes me believe that, while he probably shouldn't be a starter for the Yankees right away, Refnsyder should get a spot on the bench next season. That way he can learn from the best, be that coaches and players, and possibly take over a larger role in 2016 when a starting spot is likely available.

And finally, with his experience at both 2B and RF, Refsnyder would likely get plenty of playing time even in New York. He's almost a younger version of Martin Prado.

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