Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jose Fernandez Defects From Cuba, Wants MLB Contract

If the Yankees could get a strong left-handed bat at second base, then I'd pass on Headley. That way Prado could play third base to open 2B for Fernandez.

Unless Fernandez accepted a minor league spot, which wouldn't be a bad idea as he could get acclimated to baseball in the States, I don't see how the team could get Headley and Fernandez. With Headley at 3B, Carlos Beltran playing regularly in RF, then Martin Prado would start at 2B.

I suppose we should wait on more news regarding Jose before taking things too far. But what fun is there in that?


  1. ROD my early call to be the Yankee second baseman, as we move along.
    This is our Yankee version....... of a Dustin Pedroia.

    Now a new name offered at second....Jose Fernandez, from Cuba.

    This guy is new to me, and requires a back ground check.
    Stats, age, L, or R ?...etc.
    Is this a serious option ?

    If a comment is being put up about a Cuban player, it should come with gravitas.

    1. After a quick look I did come across this report...

      A lefthanded hitter, Fernandez is excellent bat control and plate discipline with occasional power, producing a .326/.482/.456 line in 314 plate appearances during the 2013-14 season, good for second in the league in OBP. During the 2014-15 season, which started in September, Fernandez is hitting .315/.415/.426 in 65 plate appearances.

  2. It will probably take Fernandez 3-4 months just to be eligible for free agency. He will be signed AFTER all the big names are gone in my opinion.

  3. Fernandez sounds like the perfect guy to replace Jeter in the #2 hole if he wasn't left handed.


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