Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chris Young's Incentives Released

From the AP:

NEW YORK (AP) — Chris Young can earn up to $6,325,000 under his one-year contract with the New York Yankees.
The outfielder is guaranteed a $2.5 million salary under the deal announced Sunday and can make $3,825,000 more in performance bonuses based on plate appearances.
Young would earn $150,000 for 250, $200,000 for 275, $300,000 for 300, $350,000 for 350, $375,000 each for 375 and 400, $475,000 for 450, $500,000 for 500 and $550,000 each for 550, and 600.


  1. RELOADING THIS TEAM...for 2015 :

    You can not rebuild / reload a team without ejecting empty shells from the bullet chamber.
    Some can call it, cleaning house. The Yankees have little room to do this.
    But it most be done.

    You can NOT put the same cast of characters back up on the stage, and expect different results.
    Remember, the Yankees were awful, yes awful, last season offensively.

    Let Robinson go, and move on smartly.
    Trade Gardner in a blockbuster, for something special. Remember, Ellsbury is Gardner.
    Cast off..... Drew / Ryan. Erase them. Remember, the team needs offense !
    Trade / package Cervelli. I love Cervelli, but it's Murphy's turn.

    That's five slots to fill with new, and younger players. ( special additions )

    Oh, Sabathia ! Anyone seen a current photo of him ? He may not live to the end of the season.
    Much less produce a fastball above 88 mph, and will allow 40, or more home runs next year.

    Just do it ! Don't be limp wristed....send them away. The sun will come up, honest.
    And then, .....reload, and go get'em.

    A site as wonderful as this, and no one posts here...save three or four.
    What a awful waste. A shame.

  3. They will come patrick, don't get discouraged. I'm not. This time last year we didn't have Jeff Levin, mikegyro, and all the others that frequent the site. It's a process and when it's done right it's a slow process. organic growth.

  4. YASMANI THOMAS...." The Cuban "...6'1"...230 lbs. Right fielder.
    Word on the street.." Thomas will sign very soon." The Yankess have scouted him multiple times.

    What I put forth below, are actual words I stole...and then cut, and pasted.
    From the Dominican, as Thomas works out for scouts. ( inc Yankees )

    " Teenage Dominican ball players run the the near field, hoping to get a glimpse
    of the Cuban.
    None of the players said the Cuban's name. He was simply referred to as "el Cubano." They likely didn't even know his name. They didn't need to know it. When someone spoke of the Cuban, everyone knew who they were talking about.

    By this point it had become obvious that the team—which will not be named because this workout was not open to the public or to the press—had serious interest in signing the Cuban. He had worked out for this club on three other occasions. But the Cuban was close to making a decision, so the team wanted one last look.

    Even after scanning the field for several moments, the boys still couldn't pick out the Cuban amongst the crowd. But soon, a large, muscular figure wearing a neon workout shirt and form fitting baseball pants emerged from the dugout and headed toward the bathroom. The boys watched every step. There he was. The Cuban.

    "You know, those Cuban guys all like to wear tight clothes," one of the boys remarked.

    "He's got a big ass," said another player.

    Shortly afterward, this big assed player put on a show during batting practice that reinforced why he was on the verge of signing a big ass contract."

    Is he the real deal ? I don't know. ....Others say he is real.

    But many other teams are grabbing up this mother load of talent coming out of Cuba, and
    have no regrets. Why should they, some of these guys are true mashers / rakers. Monsters.

    Why can't Yasmani Thomas be the Yankess right fielder for the next 7-8 years ?
    Oh yeah !...They have Chris Young.
    Candles are lit.

    1. I like your thinking Patrick, but a bit unlikely most if any would happen.
      Brett and Elle are needed for the great defense they play right now. One needs to balance both making runs and saving runs, they both did well in both categories.
      Drew (if we get a better option), Ryan Beltran (if he is in as bad a shape as he was last year), and CC I have said dump them and for the right price we could trade Cisco and J.R. although I would rather it be Cisco (he was one of my "Kiddie Korp") and Sanchez.
      Many are calling for the ending of A-Rods tenure in Pinstripes but, this guy had (I know I shouldn't say this) more God given talent on his worse days than our ex-short stop! Fact look it up. I am not by any means suggesting he will ever be the same again, but if he is anywhere near it, he will be better than anyone we could replace him with right now.
      Will never happen...Money Talks with the new owners, not the team.

  5. Has anyone read anything more about this other Cuba SS/3rd baseman...Yoan Moncada, 19 years old 6' 2" 200 lbs?
    They wrote about him as the second coming of A Young A-Rod, not much told about his power but they say he is the real deal as an infielder.

  6. YOAN MONCADA :....Just for you, Rocket Reed.
    Another cut & paste job. But I am posting.

    "There is one young player, however, that scouts have known about for years, and they might be able to sign him in the not-too-distant future.

    That player is 19-year-old Yoan Moncada (also spelled Johan Moncada), a 6-foot, 210-pound switch-hitting infielder who’s the best teenager to leave Cuba since Jorge Soler, a player with exciting tools and dominance of the Cuban junior leagues on par with what Yasiel Puig did at the same age."

    Kenneth....he will not last long on the market. He is being worked out as we speak.

    This past season...273/.365/.406....195 AB.....Mostly at second.
    Lite a candle.

    1. Hay, I made it to 77 years old, so strange things do happen! LOL
      By the way if the Yankees really want him they should do it because they will not be able to sign any more players like him for the next 2 or 3(?) years...so do it and show the fans Daddys seed didn't fall far from the tree, as it has looked like for the last few years.

  7. Moncada seems like he will be a good signing, I think New York should go all in on him. Moncada will count against a team's international spending limit. We've blown that out of the water already so hand the kid a blank check and a blank contract and let's get it done.

    Ken, they can only sign a player for $300,000 or less for the next two international signing periods (July - July).

    The worry with Moncada is he has not even established residency yet let alone been cleared and been made eligible to be a free agent. If he goes into next season's spending period we have no shot. And it can happen Rafael De Paula sat around for almost two full seasons waiting on his visa and such.

  8. patrick,

    Chris Young is not keeping the team from acquiring Tomas. Actually nothing is, we ran with five outfielders last season and had zero issues. Beltran keeps him off the team more than Young does. Young signed as a bench option and admitted as such in a recent article. Beltran thinks and wants to be a starter.

    Take it one step further you can't DH Beltran because of A Rod.. so A Rod keeps Tomas off the team in the end.

    1. Go for anyone that can help the team, and let the best players win the job in Spring Training. If A-Rod or Baltran can't hold their own against the others, that is tough for them. Beltran as you wrote earlier, can be sent packing, but $61m is a bit much to eat for A-Rod.

  9. Ken,

    this team could have a $500 million payroll (reported by someone, can't remember who) and still break even. $61 million is a drop in the bucket, especially if he keeps fans from the ball park when they they boycott Rodriguez.

    1. Why in the hell would they boycott A-Rod? He did the crime and served the time, has anyone else been boycotted? I dislike the guy, but IF the talent is even 2/3 of what it once was...he is worth keeping. No one knows if he will be able to cut it anymore, but he is still a Yankee, until then all Ass H---ls shut the F up and support the team. No one said you had to like him! Besides that, as you said, IF he were to be dumped...that's a different deal...all bets are off!
      Has everyone forgotten, this is the New York Yankees, not some fly by night "Sandlot Team"!

  10. Fans hate A Rod. Fans want A Rod off the team. Only way the team listens is to hit them in the pockets. I'm not saying they should or I would but I am saying that they could.

    1. I understand the hate some fans feel, I think we have all had to suck it up and work with someone we may dislike or hate! I know I have worked with some I wouldn't trust my back to.
      I have no use for A-Rod unless he can help the team win, if he comes out of the gate firing on all cylinders...the same so-called fans, will all say...they knew he could help the team...Yada, yada, yada!
      Besides, we both know the Hal/Hank and Tampa are not about to throw away $61m, and have him end up playing WELL for the Mets or Boston.

    2. Working with me a guy and supporting a guy are two totally different things. The players have to work with him, the fans can just as easily watch the games at home then to give Alex money in his pocket.

      Not saying, again, that I would or we should but at least some will boycott the stadium as long as A Rod is there because they think he is disgracing the pinstripes.

    3. Well, you may be right on all counts Daniel, except for one thing. Other than people long gone, I have not heard anyone on the Yankees (that have played with him) bad mouth him. Most of them like him and admire his work ethic, and say he is a good team mate. This is the news reports I have read from some that really report the news and not go with hearsay and innuendos...you know, the real reporters not gossip mongers or Yankee Haters.
      Again, I want him to come out of this playing as close to his real talent as his body lets him, for the team. Admit it, a healthy productive A-Rod will make many forget what was in the past, and pull for him...AS A YANKEE, not A-Rod. I know I will!
      I have a history of taking the side of the underdog, maybe because I was always the underdog myself. I always had to prove myself, and I did because in my world, 2nd place was a loser and could have very, very, bad repercussions!
      I still won't forgive him, but IF it helps the Yankees...Oy Vay!


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