Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cashman Not Panicking After Robertson Rejects Qualifying Offer

While this week's news that David Robertson rejected the Yankees' qualifying offer may have some people distressed, team GM Brian Cashman isn't all that worried.

Instead, it appears, he's advocating patience. He said Monday while in Phoenix for MLB's GM meetings that he's going to let things play out before he begins to worry about the Yankees' 2015 closer situation, which would likely include Dellin Betances taking over the ninth inning if Robertson signs elsewhere.

"Right now, we don’t have to name a closer for 2015 yet," Cashman told ESPN New York's Wallace Matthews. "Let’s wait and see how the negotiations take with David before I start trying to worry about who that is going to have to be. We’ll have somebody closing games out in 2015."

However, that somebody might not be the most experienced. The aforementioned Betances is coming off an All-Star rookie year, but could still be too young for the responsibility. As for the other options, none look too appealing. 

"We hope whoever it is is the best candidate possible," Cashman said. "We have some people you can give that opportunity to if we’re forced to internally, but let’s wait and see where the conversations take with David first and go from there.” 

The first of those talks with Robertson are set to come within the next few days. Robertson, 29, has pitched for the Yankees since 2008, and successfully converted 39/44 save opportunities for them this season.

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