Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kenta Maeda Just Got Expensive This Week

As many of you know there is a Japan All Star Series going on right now between players from Major League Baseball and the players from Japan. The ace of the Japanese pitching staff is Kenta Maeda who is expected to be posted this winter in search of a major league contract. Maeda had one more shot to showcase his talents for major league scouts and teams as he started the first game of the Japan All Star Series and he made the most of it.

Maeda pitched five scoreless innings as Japan beat the USA 2-0 in the first of a five game series between the two clubs. Maeda only gave up two hits while striking out two and walking two in Osaka, Japan in the Kyocera Dome in front of a crowd of 33,000. Robinson Cano singled in the first inning and Dexter Fowler doubled in the fifth inning for the only damage the Major League Baseball All Stars could muster off the right hander.

Maeda made the most of it against major league caliber hitters on a semi-big stage. While I don’t read too much into this outing as these players have not played in two months it still speaks volumes for Maeda. He proved in this start that his stuff is good enough to get major league players out and that just possibly made him really expensive. Good for him. 

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