Thursday, November 20, 2014

Long Cites Contract as Possible Reason for McCann's 2014 Struggles

The pressure brought on by his five-year, $85-million deal may have contributed to Brian McCann's struggles this season, Former Yankees and current Mets Hitting Coach Kevin Long said.

According to Long, contracts as large as McCann's often cause slumps in players. McCann made $17 million this year, a 42% increase from the salary he earned with the Braves in 2013.

He also batted just .232 with 23 home runs and 75 RBI, numbers many considered to be dissapointing.

“I think it’s common that the first time you come into an organization after you sign a big contract I think it plays a little more difficult than it might seem,” Long told's Brendan Kuty.

Long compared McCann's situation to that of Curtis Granderson, who played for the Yankees from 2010-2013. He signed with the Mets for four years and $60 million last offseason, before underperforming similarly to McCann.

“In Curtis’ case that probably played into it," he said. "I know Brian McCann, as the season progressed, he got better and better and more comfortable."

That observation is true, though it still doesn't mean McCann's stats don't have to improve. His offensively-productive backup, Francisco Cervelli, recently got traded to the Pirates, and McCann will likely be expected to make up for his loss in the future.


  1. McCann didn't struggle. He was a victim of Kevin Long. Homeruns and RBI's were right on par with his career norms. Where he struggled was average. He came to the Yankees and they started to play the shift against him. Base runners change the complexion of the game. If McCann or Teix or whatever lefty comes to the plate with no one on, there job is to get on base. Solo homeruns don't win games. Poke one the other way! Long had them swinging away every time! Good riddance a$$hole! Stop talking about the team you couldn't get to hit and start focusing on your current team that you won't get to hit!

  2. Kevin Long,

    Please shut up.


    All Yankees fans.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)