Friday, November 14, 2014

My Worries for the Offseason: Offense

When I picked up my phone the other day and I saw that the Detroit Tigers had signed Victor Martinez to a four year deal I immediately began to worry. The New York Yankees had one of the worst offenses in all of Major League Baseball in 2014 and the hopes of all the fans was that this would/could be fixed this offseason. If the V Mart signing taught us anything it is that offense is going to come at an absolute premium this offseason.

This tells me that New York will go the route that they went at this past season’s trading deadline acquiring middle of the road talent and veteran players that the team expects to bounce back. There will be no Hanley Ramirez’s, Pablo Sandoval’s, etc. coming to New York this offseason. It is like we will see Chase Headley get a four year deal, Martin Prado play second base, John Ryan Murphy snag the backup catcher job, and we call it an offseason offensively. 


  1. We all called for the firing of Kevin Long. That happened and hopefully helps. But I do share your concern. If the Yankees aren't going to go get the best hitters available, we may be in trouble. Keep in mind though, bad contracts are what's plaguing this roster now. I see Hanley Ramirez and Elvis Andrus as bad contracts. For shortstop, I want them to take a chance on that Korean kid.

    1. Jeff, I agree on the contract thing.
      I would like to add the name of Yoan Moncada to the short list of SS, we would and should try to get. Of course, we still don't know if Yo will be available this year or not, if not, we are sh-t out of luck.
      As with most things in life, there still would be a way to get him next is called cheating! I don't like to go that way and wouldn't but, there are many people that believe, "The Ends Justify the Means!".

  2. They could survive a less than stellar shortstop if they bulked up in right field (Yasmany Tomas) and positions like third base. Problem is they wont and the team almost has to sacrifice defense for offense unless they want to repeat 2013 and 2014.

    1. About what we have all been saying, right?
      One of these guys (or more) must go...CC, Beltran, A-Rod, Tex. Which do you think it won't be...shall we start with:
      #1-A-Rod (unless they can get out of the contract)
      #2-CC owed too much money also
      #3-Tex owed a lot of money
      #4-Oh hum, the only guy that has really wanted to play here is the only one of the four we can wise...The name please! And the name is....drum roll...Beltran!
      Beltran to be replaced with Yas! Simple, hay what?!
      Then we can have Drew at SS.
      Bye the Bye...I wasn't one of the many, calling for Mr. Long to be replaced...I never follow the crowd, to many people make me nervous!

  3. Moncada is 19 years old and would be lucky to start his major league career, according to what I've read, above Double-A. He's not in the 2015 plans.

    1. I realize that Daniel, I sometimes cut my structure short thinking everyone understands what I mean. Then again I can do a lot of over kill, with redundant stuff.
      Sorry about that and thanks for making it clear.


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