Monday, November 17, 2014

New Yankee Wilson Confident Blue Jays Will Like Russell Martin

Yankees' Reliever Justin Wilson, who was traded to New York from the Pirates last week, said that MLB's only club outside the U.S. will enjoy Martin's personality during a recent appearance on the Yankees Go Yard radio show. According to Wilson, Martin deserves even more than the aforementioned length he got, in spite of the fact that the latter's already 31. 

"That guy is a warrior, he deserves probably a 10-year contract," Wilson said. "I don’t think he’s ever going to get old. That guy works extremely hard."

Wilson and Martin spent the last two seasons together in Pittsburgh, with Martin helping Wilson record a 2.97 ERA during that time. Wilson also compiled a 9-5 record as Martin's battery mate, throwing a total of 133 2/3 innings. 

"He’s a great mind behind the plate, great competitor," Wilson said. "He wants to get you through every outing depending on how you feel out there."

Martin, a 2007 Gold Glove winner, played for the Yankees from 2011-2012. He brings a career .259 average with him to Ontario, having collected 1,035 hits since 2006.

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