Sunday, November 30, 2014

New York a Fourth Place Team?

With all the free agent and trade acquisitions happening right now in the American League East does that leave the Yankees as a fourth place team in 2015? Is it worse and can the Rays survive all their trades with their stellar pitching and possibly make the Yankees a fifth place team? If you ask a Yankees fan right now it's entirely possible that these are the end times for the club.

Late Friday night the Toronto Blue Jays added the best third baseman in the game in Josh Donaldson for three prospects and Brett Lawrie. Adding Donaldson and Russell Martin to a potent lineup consisting of Jose Reyes, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion the Blue Jays are going to score a ton of runs this season. The Boston acquisitions this season and the signs that more is to come are well documented so there is no need to go over those again. Baltimore won the AL East last season handily and while losing Nick Markakis, Nelson Cruz and Andrew Miller are still far and away a better team than the Yankees at this point.

Do the Yankees fans have to prepare for a fourth place season? Maybe a fifth place finish? If you ask me right now, before the Yankees make a move, before the Winter Meetings, etc., then maybe.

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