Saturday, November 1, 2014

Should The Yankees Consider Trading John Ryan Murphy?

While with the Yankees in between minor league stints this season, team catching prospect John Ryan Murphy was solid. But should the club still consider trading him this winter?

That's the question Rant Sports writer Drew Jenkins is asking. According to Jenkins, the Yankees currently have enough depth behind the plate, something they should take advantage of this offseason by dealing Murphy for help at other postions.

From his report:

"[Murphy] will bring back a better return than McCann and Cervelli given his youth, upside, years of control, and the fact he will play at the league minimum for the next three seasons. Trading [Gary] Sanchez would be giving up a player that could turn into a star, and the Yankees certainly do not want to do that. So, it make sense to deal Murphy in order to acquire someone in a position of need like third base, shortstop or starting pitcher."

Murphy hit .284 with 9 RBIs in 32 big-league games with New York this year, the majority of which came while Francisco Cervelli was hurt. On April 26, he put up what was probably his best performance against the Angels, homering and driving in three as the Yankees won 4-3.


  1. You almost have to trade Murphy at this point. Last season we held onto the depth because Austin Romine had an option left and Gary Sanchez was only in Double-A. Sanchez seems primed to start the season in Scranton, or will be there quickly, while Romine is out of options. Murphy brings more in return than a Francisco Cervelli due to the PED and injury concerns. It's now or never for the Yankees to trade Murphy, his stock isn't getting any higher here in my opinion.


    Like you, I can not see into the future.
    I educate myself by reading reports, and studying players visually.

    I have a handle on what John Murphy is, and I do like him. He is mature, talented, and intelligent.
    And.....he keeps getting better. A keeper.

    Sanchez is this rocket, that does not live up to prior billing. Benchings & reprimands...etc.
    I sense he is immature, and not the big circus event he is made out to be.

    I say, keep Murphy, and trade the Montero like bottle rocket..... at his high water mark.

    Nothing in Sanchez's body of work say's he's the next Thurmun Munson, or Johnny Bench.

    1. Sanchez, unlike Montero, is very young for the level he is playing at.He is immature, 21 years old if memory serves.

    2. I have to wonder if Sanchez ie trying to take a page out of Jacksons' playbook and get traded to a team that needs a catcher NOW?


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