Saturday, November 15, 2014

Using BIP to Make the Case for Carlos Gonzalez

Earlier in the day we looked at Troy Tulowitzki’s BIP numbers if he had taken his 81 home games in Yankee Stadium in 2014 and not Coors Field. While the Yankees have a genuine need and desire for Tulo I do not believe the same can be said for outfielder Carlos Gonzalez. The Yankees outfield seems to be set barring any sort of a trade or injury but just for fun let’s also take a look at CarGo’s BIP locations from Coors Field in 2014 and see how they translate into Yankee Stadium.

Again we will use the same color code and same image to decipher the results:

Home Runs
Fly Outs

As you can see Gonzalez would also benefit from leaving the friendly confides in Coors Field and moving his talents to right field in Yankee Stadium. CarGo could conceivably add 5-10 home runs a season or more in the Bronx if he were acquired and could, if healthy, add a potent bat to the Yankees lineup. I know it won't happen and I am not exactly convinced that it should happen but damn it would be nice on paper. 

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