Friday, December 12, 2014

Andrew Friedman Goes Crazy When He Has Money

Remember when the Los Angeles Dodgers fans and fans around Major League Baseball were excited about getting former Tampa Bay Rays GM Andrew Friedman? Many praised Friedman for what he did with such limited resources and finances which worried some around the league now that he had the highest payroll in baseball. And then the third day of the Winter Meetings happened.

Dan Haren was traded to Miami along with Dee Gordon for a nice prospect haul while Los Angeles agreed to pay Haren’s $10 million in salary. Haren had stated multiple times that he would likely retire rather than leave Southern California if traded which makes me seriously question why a GM would want to pay someone $10 million to retire elsewhere when the team could use him in the rotation. This was a small price to pay when they traded Andrew Heaney, the top prospect they received from Miami, to Los Angeles to receive the Angels Howie Kendrick to replace Gordon.

I praise Freidman for acquiring Jimmy Rollins as he is still above average offensively and defensively and is probably the best shortstop available not named Troy Tulowitzki. That praise was short sighted when I learned that the team gave Brandon McCarthy a four year deal worth $48 million. In no way, shape, form or market is McCarthy worth four years or $48 million. No way, good luck with that.

You have to give credit where credit is due though as he fixed the Dodgers outfield logjam, traded away their highest paid player and a $100 million contract, improved the infield and added some nice prospects to their farm system. All in all a good week for Friedman but seriously, about that McCarthy contract... 

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