Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Exec Friendly With Cashman Thinks Yankees Need to Sign Scherzer

An exec who is "friendly" with Yankees GM Brian Cashman thinks the Yankees need to sign longtime Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer this offseason.

The Yankees have made it clear these last couple of months they have no interest in pursuing the top free agents available, and that their main goal is simply to keep David Robertson in pinstripes. However, this exec doesn't see them having a chance to win in 2014 without Scherzer, who has gone 39-8 over the past two years.

“Look, I know Cash would love to build more from within,” the exec told The New York Daily News. “But if they want to have any chance at winning next year they need a front-line starter. Their offense isn’t very good, but if they added a Scherzer they would have a chance to win with pitching."

If the season started today, the Yankees' rotation would likely consist of Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Pineda, CC Sabathia, David Phelps and Shane Greene, an overall solid group. Still, it's logical to believe it could use some improvement heading into 2015, especially with the offense's recent struggles. 

The Yankees said they're open to bringing back RHP Brandon McCarthy back in October, but are yet to seriously negotiate with him. Indeed, they aren't going too hard for new arms right now, and with the uncertainty of Tanaka and Pineda's injuries, the exec is concerned for their future.

“Are you telling me they’re going to go into next year with (Masahiro) Tanaka as their No. 1, not knowing if his elbow will hold up?" he said. "Signing Scherzer would give them another No. 1, and if they do get lucky with Tanaka and (Michael) Pineda, they could outpitch teams like Baltimore, Toronto and Boston."

The last two of that trio, the Blue Jays and Red Sox, have already inked notable players to deals this winter, with the Blue Jays picking up Russell Martin and the Red Sox Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval. Ramirez and Sandoval were said to be guys the Yankees might look at later, so their being gone certainly can't help them.

Nonetheless, with this year's Winter Meetings getting closer and closer, the Yankees don't appear to be gearing up for another spending spree, as probable it is one would help them. 

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