Monday, December 1, 2014

Three Potential Trades for the Yankees?

Lou DiPietro is one guy over at the YES Network that I fully respect and admire, Lou was even gracious enough to do an interview for us at the blog which I will be forever grateful for. This week Lou suggested three possible trades involving the New York Yankees this offseason to improve the team and I wanted to bring them here to you right now.

YANKEES receive: OF/1B Nick Swisher and IF Mike Aviles
INDIANS receive: OF Carlos Beltran and a pitching prospect

First question I ask is would Carlos Beltran be willing to waive his no trade clause. Second, how does this exactly help the team? Unless you believe in a second resurgence for Swisher in New York, I don't.

YANKEES receive: SS Starlin Castro, OF Chris Coghlan, 3B Luis Valbuena
CUBS receive: OF Brett Gardner, C John Ryan Murphy

I would pull this trade 10 times our of 10, where do I sign?

YANKEES get: SS Jimmy Rollins
PHILLIES get: SS Brendan Ryan, RHP Shawn Kelley, and a pitching prospect

No. Too much, even if it is Kelley and a prospect. Rollins is a salary dump and should be treated as so.


  1. Swisher the clowned Prince of a Playoff BA of 169 would never play for my team. He is on the way out of baseball. I agree not to make that trade which scares me because the Elf known as Cashman has ventured down that road before with Javy Vasquez and we all know where that ended up twice. I would trade Gardner in a heartbeat for Castro so I again agree with you on the second trade and I wouldn't touch the last trade as well. Just remember we have Cashman at the helm and he only makes dumpster dive trades that cost nothing.

    1. Swisher trade just doesn't make sense no matter how you shake it.

    2. I like the second trade as well. The others, not so much!


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