Saturday, January 31, 2015

Did Ichiro Just Diss the New York Yankees?

As we learned earlier in the week the Miami Marlins lured former New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners player Ichiro Suzuki with a one year deal worth $2 million plus a load of incentives. Miami, as we learned yesterday on the blog, actually flew all the way out to Ichiro’s native Japan to introduce the 41 year old in a press conference. During that press conference Ichiro was quoted as saying the following:

"When I met (Miami) team executives yesterday, I felt incredible enthusiasm," Suzuki said at a press conference on Thursday. "So I wanted to respond to their enthusiasm and I believe that is something I have been looking for the last two years."

 Did Ichiro just diss the New York Yankees? Ichiro has been with the Yankees the last two years as he was earning a cool $13 million. I am not sure if I am simply reading too much into the comment and he is speaking of HIS enthusiasm lacking in New York or if that was a little jab against the Yankees organization.

What say you?

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